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How to Play the Piano (Little Ways to Live a Big Life)

How To Play The Piano

ISBN 10 : 9781786482419
ISBN 13 : 178648241X

Learn to play one of Bach's most exquisite preludes in just 6 weeks, even if you have never played the piano before. An accessible and inspiring book by the pianist and internation..

How To Count To Infinity

ISBN 10 : 9781786484987
ISBN 13 : 1786484986

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it... Not falling in love, but counting. Animals and humans have been using numbers to navigate their way through the jungle of life..

How To Land A Plane

ISBN 10 : 9781786487162
ISBN 13 : 1786487160

So, hello! Welcome! Honestly, you look surprisingly relaxed. That's great to see. Have a seat on the left side of the cockpit - that's the captain's seat. Yes, that's right, you're..

How To Draw Anything

ISBN 10 : 9781786485403
ISBN 13 : 1786485400

As children, when we learn to write, we gain an important life skill - a practical means of communicating that we end up using almost every day of our lives, if only to jot down a ..


ISBN 10 : 9781632866981
ISBN 13 : 1632866986

"A mesmeric combination of vivid, keen, obsessive precision and raw, urgent energy.Â?? --Zoe Williams, Guardian "Thrilling and harrowing . . . Unsurpassed and unsurpassable.Â?? -..

Play It Again

ISBN 10 : 9780374710620
ISBN 13 : 0374710627

As editor of the Guardian, one of the world's foremost newspapers, Alan Rusbridger abides by the relentless twenty-four-hour news cycle. But increasingly in midlife, he feels the g..

The Piano Shop On The Left Bank

ISBN 10 : 0375507000
ISBN 13 : 9780375507007

Thad Carhart never realized there was a gap in his life until he happened upon Desforges Pianos, a demure little shopfront in his Pairs neighborhood that seemed to want to hide rat..

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