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New A-Level Biology: Essential Maths Skills

“This brilliant CGP book covers all the maths skills needed in AS and A-Level Biology (the use of maths is required for 10% of the marks in the final exams and assessments). It explains Calculations, Graph Skills and Statistics, with clear study notes and step-by-step examples in the context of Biology. And to make sure you’ve really got to grips with it all, there are practice questions for each topic – with answers included at the back of the book.”

New 2015 A Level Psychology

ISBN 10 : 1847623247
ISBN 13 : 9781847623249


Essential Maths Skills In As A Level Computer Science

ISBN 10 : 1471863573
ISBN 13 : 9781471863578

If you struggle with binary multiplication, or Big O Notation, this is the book for you. This textbook companion will help improve your essential maths skills for computer science,..

New 2015 A Level Physics

ISBN 10 : 1782944710
ISBN 13 : 9781782944713


Maths Skills For Biology A Level

ISBN 10 : 1408521180
ISBN 13 : 9781408521182

This handbook specifically targets the mathematical elements of A Level Science, whichever specification you're following. Includes plenty of practice questions in different contex..

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