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Particle Physics Brick by Brick

Particle Physics Brick By Brick

ISBN 10 : 9781844039753
ISBN 13 : 1844039757

All matter comprises of twelve 'building block' particles. This book explains how these building blocks are formed and interact, using toy building blocks to create a uniquely visu..

Brains Explains Quantum Physics

ISBN 10 : 9781844038510
ISBN 13 : 1844038513

Quantum physics plays a big part in International Rescue's work helping people in distress all across the planet. It plays a big part in your life too... without it we would not ha..

The Secret Life Of The Periodic Table

ISBN 10 : 9781844039104
ISBN 13 : 1844039102

Every element has character, be it volatile, aloof, gregarious or enigmatic. They also have incredible stories of how they came to be, how they were discovered and how their qualit..

A Map Of The Invisible

ISBN 10 : 9781473537705
ISBN 13 : 1473537703

'A magnificent, compelling and insightful voyage to the frontier of knowledge from a great writer with a deep understanding.' Brian Cox What is the universe really made of? How do ..

Introducing Particle Physics

ISBN 10 : 9781848317642
ISBN 13 : 1848317646

What really happens at the most fundamental levels of nature? Introducing Particle Physics explores the very frontiers of our knowledge, even showing how particle physicists are no..

The Secret Life Of The Periodic Table

ISBN 10 : 1770858105
ISBN 13 : 9781770858107

The Secret Life of the Periodic Table uncovers the fascinating stories behind the formulation of the table. It describes how and who discovered the 118 elements, and the competitio..

The Secret Life Of Equations

ISBN 10 : 9781844038633
ISBN 13 : 1844038637

Discover the 50 equations that have led to incredible discoveries, ground-breaking technology and have shaped our understanding of the world. From much heralded classics, like Zeno..

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