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Handbook Of Space Engineering Archaeology And Heritage

ISBN 10 : 1420084321
ISBN 13 : 9781420084320

Some might think that the 27 thousand tons of material launched by earthlings into outer space is nothing more than floating piles of debris. However, when looking at these artifac..

The Final Mission

ISBN 10 : 0813062462
ISBN 13 : 9780813062464

This book considers the archaeology of the facilities and sites on Earth that helped facilitate the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs...

The Human Archaeology Of Space

ISBN 10 : 9780786459940
ISBN 13 : 0786459948

A catalog of archaeological artifacts that have been left behind in space as a result of human exploration, this work describes the remnants of lost satellites, discarded lunar rov..

Abandoned In Place

ISBN 10 : 9780826356260
ISBN 13 : 0826356265

Stenciled on many of the deactivated facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the evocative phrase “abandoned in place” indicates the structures that have been deserted...

Routledge Handbook Of Space Law

ISBN 10 : 9781317613732
ISBN 13 : 1317613732

This handbook is a reference work providing a comprehensive, objective and comparative overview of Space Law. The global space economy reached $330 billion in 2015, with a growth r..

Handbook Of Material Culture

ISBN 10 : 9781446206430
ISBN 13 : 1446206432

The study of material culture is concerned with the relationship between persons and things in the past and in the present, in urban and industrialized and in small-scale societies..

The Oxford Handbook Of Music Making And Leisure

ISBN 10 : 9780190244705
ISBN 13 : 0190244704

Music has been a vital part of leisure activity across time and cultures. Contemporary commodification, commercialization, and consumerism, however, have created a chasm between co..