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Lick It Fix Her Appetite Switch

ISBN 10 : 9781598587135
ISBN 13 : 1598587137

You're headed home, ready for the recliner, the remote, and couple of those brownies you hid in the blender. But you get home and there are no brownies - and no cookies, no candy, ..

Your Appetite Switch

ISBN 10 : 1452884307
ISBN 13 : 9781452884301

Enough with the diets. Let's pay attention to the real cause of overeating--an appetite switch that is stuck. You can turn off that appetite switch with just 5 changes and discover..

How To Make Almost Any Diet Work

ISBN 10 : 9781616491369
ISBN 13 : 1616491361

In How to Make Almost any Diet Work, Anne Katherine offers news to millions of Americans struggling to lose weight: Your willpower doesn't stand a chance against your body's bioche..

Anatomy Of A Food Addiction

ISBN 10 : 0936077131
ISBN 13 : 9780936077130

Featuring an honest account of the author's own struggles with food, "Anatomy of a Food Addiction" helps readers understand binge eating and plan a recovery through exercises, self..

When Misery Is Company

ISBN 10 : 9781616491321
ISBN 13 : 1616491329

This book offers solutions to anyone who has felt victimized, ostracized or left behind by life. Surprising as it may sound, many people take comfort in their own misery. Feeling t..

Where To Draw The Line

ISBN 10 : 9781439148099
ISBN 13 : 1439148090

From the acclaimed author of the perennial favorite Boundaries, Where to Draw the Line is a practical guide to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in many different sit..

Old Yeller

ISBN 10 : 0061962864
ISBN 13 : 9780061962868

At first, Travis couldn't stand the sight of Old Yeller The stray dog was ugly, and a thieving rascal, too. But he sure was clever, and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild ..