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Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 1849761590
ISBN 13 : 9781849761598

As Oceano, a red sailboat, adventures around the world, readers are introduced to the diversity and extent of life that thrives in the ocean...

Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 1927213088
ISBN 13 : 9781927213087


Miss Smith Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 9781101648476
ISBN 13 : 1101648473

Miss Smith's class can't wait for story time. When their teacher reads from her incredible storybook, the worlds she describes come alive-literally! So when the class takes a field..

Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 1453566171
ISBN 13 : 9781453566176

After three siblings camping treat – within their parents’ caravan, are blown off the cliffs of Stingray bay, they fi nd themselves caught up in a treacherous sub-sea mission. ..

Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 0764106414
ISBN 13 : 9780764106415

Explores the world's oceans, focusing on their wildlife, from their social habits to the different ways each type of creature eats, sleeps, and avoids predators..

Under The Ocean To The South Pole

ISBN 10 : 9789635233182
ISBN 13 : 9635233183

The adventuresome crew builds a submersible craft, the Dolphin, that runs on sea water and chemicals. On the maiden voyage they battle sea monsters, pass through a sunken graveyard..

Under The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 1482459906
ISBN 13 : 9781482459906

Scientists estimate that less than 5 percent of the ocean has been explored. That leaves a lot to be discovered, and a large amount of people needed to make those discoveries. Read..