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The Compassionate Mind (Compassion Focused Therapy)

Not only does compassion help to soothe distressing emotions, it actually increases feelings of contentment and well-being. This title outlines the findings about the value of compassion and how it works, and takes readers through basic mind training exercises to enhance the capacity for, and use of, compassion.New

The Compassionate Mind

ISBN 10 : 9781572248403
ISBN 13 : 1572248408

The author of Overcoming Depression offers an alternative to the traditional western view of compassion, outlining findings about the value of compassion and how it works, and taki..

The Compassionate Mind Guide To Overcoming Anxiety

ISBN 10 : 160882036X
ISBN 13 : 9781608820368

Encourages readers to embrace self-compassion in order to discover their anxiety triggers, move past fearful experiences and be kinder to others. Original...

Compassion Focused Therapy

ISBN 10 : 9781136967719
ISBN 13 : 1136967710

Research into the beneficial effect of developing compassion has advanced enormously in the last ten years, with the development of inner compassion being an important therapeutic ..

The Compassionate Mind Guide To Managing Your Anger

ISBN 10 : 9781608828715
ISBN 13 : 1608828719

We will all experience anger sometimes—it’s how we deal with it that counts. Anger is one of the most challenging emotions for humans to cope with, and under its influence, we ..

The Compassionate Mind Guide To Ending Overeating

ISBN 10 : 9781459624214
ISBN 13 : 1459624211

You know the cycle: you have a stressful day and find yourself snacking or overeating at dinner to make yourself feel better. The ritual of eating becomes so calming, you can't sto..

The Compassionate Mind Approach To Building Self Confidence

ISBN 10 : 9781780331331
ISBN 13 : 1780331339

Many of us have a tendency to measure our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others. But when we fail to reach our own, families, communities or societies 'ideals' this often res..

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