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The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A step-by-step guide to developing your co…

The Compassionate Mind Workbook

ISBN 10 : 9781472135919
ISBN 13 : 1472135911

There is good and increasing evidence that cultivating compassion for one's self and others can have a profound impact on our physiological, psychological and social processes. In ..

The Compassionate Mind

ISBN 10 : 9781572248403
ISBN 13 : 1572248408

The author of Overcoming Depression offers an alternative to the traditional western view of compassion, outlining findings about the value of compassion and how it works, and taki..

The Compassionate Mind Approach To Building Self Confidence

ISBN 10 : 9781780331331
ISBN 13 : 1780331339

Many of us have a tendency to measure our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others. But when we fail to reach our own, families, communities or societies 'ideals' this often res..

Mindful Compassion

ISBN 10 : 9781626250635
ISBN 13 : 1626250634

Are you ready to transform your mind and emotions? To cultivate compassion, stability, self-confidence, and well-being? If so, get ready to change the way you experience your life ..

The Compassionate Mind Approach To Overcoming Anxiety

ISBN 10 : 1849015139
ISBN 13 : 9781849015134

We know what it's like to worry from time to time, but for some of us, our worrying can take over and have a serious impact on our lives. When our anxiety gets out of hand and star..

Compassion Focused Therapy For Dummies

ISBN 10 : 9781119078692
ISBN 13 : 1119078695

Don't be so hard on yourself – use compassion focused therapy as your guide It's often said that we're our own worst critics—and it's true. Compassion Focused Therapy For Dummi..

Cft Made Simple

ISBN 10 : 9781626253117
ISBN 13 : 1626253110

For the first time ever, CFT Made Simple offers easy-to-apply tools to help clients develop self-compassion, learn mindfulness skills, and balance difficult emotions for greater tr..

The Compassionate Mind Approach To Postnatal Depression

ISBN 10 : 9781472104915
ISBN 13 : 1472104919

It is well-known that having a baby can be a time of joy but also one of anxiety and even depression for new mothers. Indeed it is very common for new mothers to experience a short..


ISBN 10 : 9781317189473
ISBN 13 : 1317189477

Paul Gilbert brings together an international line-up of leading scholars and researchers in the field to provide a state-of-the-art exploration of key areas in compassion research..

Emotion Regulation In Psychotherapy

ISBN 10 : 9781609184834
ISBN 13 : 1609184831

Highly practical and accessible, this unique book gives therapists powerful tools for helping patients learn to cope with feared or avoided emotional experiences. The book presents..

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