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The Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head is Really Up To

The Idiot Brain

ISBN 10 : 1443450073
ISBN 13 : 9781443450072

A neuroscientist’s delightful tour of our mysterious, mischievous, entirely fallible grey matter It’s happened to all of us at some point. You walk into the kitchen, or flip op..

The Idiot Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781783350834
ISBN 13 : 1783350830

Why do you lose arguments with people who know MUCH LESS than you? Why can you recognise that woman, from that thing... but can't remember her name? And why, after your last break-..

The Idiot Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781443450089
ISBN 13 : 1443450081

The brain may be the seat of consciousness and the engine of all human experience, but it’s also messy, fallible and disorganized. It’s undeniably impressive, but it’s far fr..

The Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781101870549
ISBN 13 : 1101870540

Locked in the silence and darkness of your skull, your brain fashions the rich narratives of your reality and your identity. Join renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman for a journ..

Adventures In The Anthropocene

ISBN 10 : 9781571319289
ISBN 13 : 157131928X

We live in times of great change on Earth. In fact, while previous shifts from one geological epoch to another were caused by events beyond human control, the dramatic results of o..

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Understanding The Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781440625763
ISBN 13 : 144062576X

You're no idiot, of course. You know your own mind, but when it comes to understanding what's really going on in your head - all those synapses, all those neurones - you feel like ..

Sane New World

ISBN 10 : 9780698159235
ISBN 13 : 0698159233

The #1 UK bestseller that presents a funny, honest, and engaging look at the craziness of modern life, explaining why we’re all just a little bit out of our minds. In Sane New Wo..

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