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The Selfish Gene: 40th Anniversary edition (Oxford Landmark Science)

The Selfish Gene

ISBN 10 : 9780191093074
ISBN 13 : 0191093076

The million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 languages. As influential today as when it was first published, The Selfish Gene has bec..

The Selfish Gene

ISBN 10 : 0192860925
ISBN 13 : 9780192860927

An ethologist shows man to be a gene machine whose world is one of savage competition and deceit..

The Oxford Book Of Modern Science Writing

ISBN 10 : 9780199216819
ISBN 13 : 0199216819

An anthology of diverse and inspiring pieces to browse and to treasure. It shows the many of the best scientists have displayed as much imagination and skill with the pen as in the..

The Extended Selfish Gene

ISBN 10 : 0198788789
ISBN 13 : 9780198788782

The Selfish Gene is a classic exposition of evolutionary thought. In it Professor Dawkins articulates a gene's eye view of evolution - a view giving centre stage to these persisten..

Climbing Mount Improbable

ISBN 10 : 9780393070521
ISBN 13 : 0393070522

A brilliant book celebrating improbability as the engine that drives life, by the acclaimed author of The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker. The human eye is so complex and wor..

Science In The Soul

ISBN 10 : 9780399592256
ISBN 13 : 0399592253

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The legendary biologist and bestselling author mounts a timely and passionate defense of science and clear thinking with this career-spanning collecti..

The Magic Of Reality

ISBN 10 : 9781451690132
ISBN 13 : 1451690134

Richard Dawkins, bestselling author and the world’s most celebrated evolutionary biologist, has spent his career elucidating the many wonders of science. Here, he takes a broader..

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